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Comments on Proposed Ballot: 2017.03 Inadequate Records; Unreported Jurisdictions' Assessment

The following comments were submitted for the proposed ballot - 2017.03 Inadequate Records; Unreported Jurisdictions' Assessment.

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 3/22/17 RenĂ©e Kyser AL & AC Vice Chair For clarification to MB's question. The current language requires the percentage assessment be based on the fees originally paid, and the distribution of that assessment is only to those jurisdictions where fees were paid; therefore, unreported jurisdictions would not be included because no fees were paid. The remedy for any unreported jurisdiction would be an additional $50 assessment, which would be assessed for, and distributed to, each unreported jurisdiction.
 3/21/17 Marguerite Monchamp  Manitoba Public Insurance The ballot states that we are to levy 20 percent from the original invoiced amount then allocate it proportionately to all affected jurisdictions (reported and unreported). Then we are to levy a $50 fee for every jurisdiction where distance was not reported. How is that fee to be distributed?? 
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