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Comments on Proposed Ballot: 2018.01 Reciprocity for Non-Apportioned Commercial Vehicles

The following comments were submitted for the proposed ballot - 2018.01 Reciprocity for Non-Apportioned Commercial Vehicles.

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 3/8/18 James Starling Alabama Support. The International Non-Apportioned Commercial Vehicle Agreement (INCVA) working group did a lot of good work on this project. Jurisdictions were generally supportive of the INCVA proposal; however, the biggest concern was the creation of another registration reciprocity agreement. This ballot proposal is a first step at amending the Plan to create ONE registration reciprocity agreement for all commercial vehicles. 
3/9/18 Cathy Beedle Nebraska While generally supportive of granting reciprocity for non-apportioned commercial vehicles I have a few questions: 1) was there any discussion of amending the definition of apportionable vehicle to remove the option offered to the registrant of obtaining an IRP plate on a vehicle less than 26,000lbs. 2)in addition to identifying reciprocity type conditions, was there any discussion of how to treat "restricted" plated vehicles which may or may not be covered under reciprocity agreements ? Would all possible types of restricted plates offered by each jurisdiction be included in this annual filing ? That may make for quite a cumbersome appendix!  
 3/16/18 Lynne Jones Oklahoma The state entity that is the IRP member may/may not be the entity that signs state-to-state reciprocity agreements, nor may the IRP member be aware of any agreements. Therefore the IRP member could not perform requirements as set forth in this ballot. Additionally, IRP devoted a considerable amount of time and money to INCVA. Not a single jurisdiction signed the agreement. The jurisdictions have been down this path and there just doesn’t appear to be demand necessary to support his measure.
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