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IRP Member Duties and Responsibility

This is part of the IRP Orientation Plan.

The key duties of the IRP member jurisdictions are to:

  • Administer the Plan according to the provisions of the agreement.
  • Provide volunteers for the IRP committees
  • Participate in the voting process of the ballots
  • Complete the annual fee test and annual report of Plan activity
  • Adhere to the requirements when the jurisdiction’s fees change
  • Create and administer an audit program
  • Participate in the peer review process both as a reviewee and a reviewer

The structure of IRP is such that the membership drives the Plan. The Board of Directors is made up of voting members from jurisdictions. The committees and task forces are also made up of jurisdictional personnel as appointed by the Board chair.

All changes to the Plan are balloted and voted on by the membership. It is the duty of all member jurisdictions to vote on these changes. The plan is a cooperative agreement between the 59 member jurisdictions. Membership fees are assessed to guarantee that the Plan’s provisions are supervised appropriately.

Member jurisdictions must complete an annual fee test and activity report; notify the other members when apportioned fee changes are legislated; and suspend registration for non-payment of registration fees by their motor carriers.

Jurisdictions must also create and maintain an acceptable audit program that audits 3% of the jurisdiction’s motor carriers every year with in the five year peer review time frame. This ensures that all jurisdictions are adhering to the Plan provisions. Any jurisdiction found out of compliance may face the Dispute Resolution Committee to resolve, and can ultimately have their voting rights suspended.

Learn more through the Member Duties, Opportunities, and Responsibilities webinar.

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