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This is part of the IRP Orientation Plan.

How does the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) affect/interact with IRP?

Read a definition of IFTA. IFTA is an agreement between the states and provinces to simplify the reporting of fuel use tax, much like the IRP was meant to simplify licensing.

Access the IFTA website. You can find documentation on all aspects of this program including; Articles of Incorporation, Committees, Ballots, Tax Rates, Exemptions, Manuals, Annual Reports, Meetings, Program Compliance and much more.

  • There are many similarities between IRP and IFTA:
  • The same vehicles are required to be registered.
  • The recordkeeping rules for distances are identical.
  • Many jurisdictions administer these two programs out of the same office.
    • They offer one website
    • They audit both programs together

There are also many differences between these programs:

  • IRP is a registration program where IFTA is a license program
  • Both programs have different governing bodies
    • International Fuel Tax Association, Inc., (IFTA Inc.)
    • International Registration Plan Inc. (IRP Inc.)
  • IFTA also has fuel recordkeeping requirements
  • Many jurisdictions administer these programs from different offices and, in some cases, do not share data between the programs.

Overall, both IFTA and IRP have seen benefits to combine and work together on several topics.

  • IFTA/IRP Audit Workshop
  • IFTA/IRP Managers’ and Law Enforcement Workshop
  • Enforcement of uniform recordkeeping rules
  • Splitting the preparation/cost of meeting planning
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