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as of May 21, 2018:

$1 USD = $1.2835 CAD
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Speaking at the 2015 IFTA/IRP Managers’ and Law Enforcement Workshop
Thanks for agreeing to speak at the 2015 IFTA/IRP Managers’ and Law Enforcement Workshop. 
Materials Deadlines
Materials might include background materials, samples, illustrations, or a PowerPoint presentation. 
  • July 31, 2015
    • If your presentation is affiliated with the IRP Education Committee or IFTA Agreement Procedures Committee, those committees would like to review and provide feedback on presentations in advance of review by the materials coordinator.
    • The appropriate contacts are:
  • Aug. 24, 2015
    • Materials to Materials Coordinator Renée Kyser
    • Leaders of breakouts submit topics to Claudia Trapp for posting for attendees
  • Aug. 25 – Sept. 15, 2015
    • Review by materials coordinator
    • Your presentation will be reviewed for such things as readability and typos/misspellings. Recommendations will be made about those items and anything that should be a separate handout, all of which will help ensure a polished presentation. 
  • Sept. 16, 2015   
    • Final versions for posting and/or copying due to Materials Coordinator Renée Kyser.
Materials will be posted in advance of the meeting for attendees to download from the IRP website. If there are any samples/worksheets/materials that will be actively referred to and used during your session, you can request that IRP provide copies onsite by emailing the request and the item(s) – by Sept. 16 – to Materials Coordinator Renée Kyser.

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