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as of April 16, 2018:

$1 USD = $1.2580 CAD
$1 CAD = $0.7949 USD

Speaking at the 2016 IFTA/IRP Managers’ and Law Enforcement Workshop

Thanks for agreeing to speak at the 2016 IFTA/IRP Managers’ and Law Enforcement Workshop.

Deadlines / Timeline
August 1, 2016
: Drafts due to relevant committee materials coordinator for review:

Committee materials coordinators will provide feedback/changes back to speakers. Your presentation will be reviewed for such things as readability and typos/misspellings. Recommendations will be made about those items and anything that should be a separate handout, all of which will help ensure a polished presentation.  

August 2016: Finalize your presentation, using input provided

September 1:     
Final presentations due for posting to Kasia Panczyszyn
Brief bio due to Gayle See

About the bios: These short bios will help the audience connect better with the speakers and possibly open up new avenues for networking.  Please include:

Jurisdiction or Industry Affiliation
Position (with brief description if necessary)
Length of service
IFTA/IRP committee affiliation, if any
1 or 2 things you would like to share – this can be anything that will give a little insight into who you are…business or personal – fun facts, if you will.


Materials will be posted in advance of the meeting for attendees to download from the IRP website. If there are any samples/worksheets/materials that will be actively referred to and used during your session, you can request that IRP provide copies onsite by emailing the request and the item(s) by Sept. 1 to Kasia Panczyszyn.

Creating a PowerPoint is optional. Determine what works best for the subject and material. Some sessions might be discussion-based or activity-based and a PowerPoint therefore might not be a good fit.  Variety is good, not all sessions should have PowerPoints! If you do create a PowerPoint, please use the IFTA-IRP PowerPoint template. In addition, if you use PowerPoint, please also include any speaker notes – this way if by chance something occurs and you are not able to attend, someone else can easily take your place.

Speaker Resources:

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