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as of April 16, 2018:

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2018 APVD Charts

Jurisdictions are requested to submit their current Average Per-Vehicle Distance Chart to IRP, Inc. by March 31. Please use this Excel template.

The results of this annual collection will serve as a resource for registrants and jurisdictions to confirm apportion percentages. It will be essential to ensure compliance with updating the charts as required by the Plan. As background, Plan Section 320 – Average Per-Vehicle Distance (b) states “By March 31 each year, each Member Jurisdiction shall update its average per-Vehicle distance per Member Jurisdiction.”

The form asks for both the distance amounts, effective date and the last revision date. The information received will be made available on the IRP website later this year.

Please forward the completed form to IRP.

Questions? Contact Ken Carey at (703) 963-1604.

Access APVD charts from prior years.

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