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as of April 16, 2018:

$1 USD = $1.2580 CAD
$1 CAD = $0.7949 USD

2013 IRP Annual Meeting: Funded Jurisdiction Attendees
The IRP Board supports volunteerism by funding meeting travel expenses for Board members and committee members. Therefore travel will be funded by IRP for members of the members of the:
  • Dispute Resolution Committee (Maximum of three nights covered)
  • Education Committee (Maximum of four nights covered)
  • International Committee (Maximum of four nights covered)
  • Peer Review Committee (Maximum of four nights covered)
  • Board of Directors (Maximum of four nights unless liaison to Education, International, or Peer Review Committees)
For jurisdictions without representation by a committee or Board member, one attendee will be funded. (Maximum of three nights covered.)

Attendees whose expenses are covered by IRP are expected to attend all sessions and bring valuable information back to their jurisdictions. According to IRP's travel reimbursement policy, funding includes airfare, lodging, related travel expenses, and complimentary meeting registration.

These representatives will receive information about registering and arranging their travel directly from IRP.

Questions? Contact IRP.
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