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Industry Advisory Committee

The Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) will provide a forum within the International Registration Plan, Inc., for the consideration of matters concerning the motor carrier and allied industries in relation to the Plan and will be organized for the purposes of providing advice and policy recommendations on such issues and of the nomination of candidates to represent industry to the Board.

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Purpose and Authority

The IRP, Inc. Board of Directors (Board) delegates, under the authority of Section 1305 of
the International Registration Plan (Plan), to the Industry Advisory Committee the
responsibility and authority to:

  1. provide a forum within IRP, Inc. for matters concerning the motor carrier industry
    and allied industries in relation to the Plan;
  2. provide advice and policy recommendations relating to the Plan;
  3. nominate industry members to the Board Advisory Panel; and
  4. nominate industry members to standing and ad hoc committees of the Board.

To learn more about the Industry Advisory Committee, read the full Charter.


Meeting Minutes

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