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Mick Ramirez Volunteer of the Year Award Past Recipients

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2012 Award Recipient

Debra Hill, California Division of Motor Vehicles, received the 2012 award for her service as the chair of the Education Committee, which has been responsible for creating both the IRP Education Fundamentals and the IRP Advanced Plan Administration Certificates. Her work has had an impact on more than 300 IRP community members in both jurisdictions and industries who have an IRP certificate.

Deb’s former boss Craig Hanson, now retired, expressed his pride of her accomplishment by saying "… she spent many hours directing an IRP committee to develop webinars for training new IRP staff, ensuring better consistency across the IRP community. Her committee also reviewed some of the more complex ballot measures seen in recent years, namely the Full Reciprocity proposal and the new Audit Manual. Debra was my second in command and she accomplished all of this and I am so proud of her receipt of the Volunteer of the Year for IRP.”

IRP congratulates Deb Hill!

    Deb Hill receives the Mick Ramirez Volunteer of the Year Award at the 2012 IRP Annual Meeting. From left to right: Jay Starling, Deb Hill, Tim Adams.

    "I am truly honored to be the recipient of the 2012 Mick Ramirez Volunteer of the Year Award. I volunteered to become a member of what was then called the Plan, Procedures, and Education Committee for selfish reasons…I wanted to learn more about IRP. By being a member, and now the Chair, of the Education Committee, I have been afforded the opportunity to work with and learn from many knowledgeable, talented, and dedicated individuals throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. I am extremely grateful for the knowledge, experience, time, and friendship each of you have bestowed upon me. Thank you.” – Deb Hill

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