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Upcoming IRP Website Changes
Upcoming changes will enable a designated jurisdiction contact to update jurisdiction information and manage staff changes directly on the IRP website. This transition responds to specific member requests.

The Role of the Website Coordinator

Designation of an IRP Website Coordinator
Jurisdiction Registration Information
Roles for Jurisdiction Contacts
Training for IRP Website Coordinators


The Role of IRP Website Coordinator

The IRP website coordinator will be responsible for updating jurisdiction information on the IRP website. This individual will be provided with new login credentials, which will allow him/her to make updates to jurisdiction registration information, add or delete staff members from the IRP, Inc. website, and designate IRP roles for specific jurisdiction contacts. This individual may have access to confidential and protected information and will have to sign a confidentiality agreement


Designation of an IRP Website Coordinator

Voting members are responsible for designating an IRP website coordinator by emailing IRP with the individual’s name by Dec. 13, 2013. Selected individuals should have access to all the appropriate information and the ability to handle confidential and protected information.



The website changes will take place in January 2014 and early February. Instructions and training will be provided to website coordinators at that time. During December and January, there will be a transition period during which IRP staff will be adding additional information to each jurisdiction profile page that in the past has been elsewhere on the website. Website coordinators will provide updated information as requested by IRP to assist with this transition.

Jurisdiction Registration Information

This information is provided on IRP’s website as reference for carriers, other jurisdictions, jurisdiction system providers, and other interested parties. IRP’s website is visited by approximately 7,000 individuals a month. It is important that this information reflects current jurisdiction information. After the website changes are complete, this information will be updated by the website coordinator.

The specific fields are:
  • Cab Cards
  • Credits/Refunds
  • Fee Schedules
  • Maximum Weights
  • Registration Periods
  • Restricted Plates
  • Trip Permits
  • Wreckers Report
  • IRP Platform


Roles for Jurisdiction Contacts

Contact information for different jurisdiction roles is available for IRP jurisdiction and affiliate members. The website coordinator will be responsible for changing the designation of a role – for example, if someone retires and his/her role is taken by someone else. The website coordinator can also delete the account of a retired individual, so that others do not see an out-of-date name. Currently, website users can update their own contact information, such as address or phone number.  Although the website coordinator is not required to make these kinds of updates, he/she will have the ability once the website changes are implemented.

As background, the roles are:
  • IRP Chief Administrator
  • IRP Voting Member
  • IRP Manager
  • IRP Supervisor
  • IRP Audit Primary Contact
  • IRP Clearinghouse Audit Transmittal Contact / Netted Audit
  • IRP Lead Clearinghouse Contact
  • IRP Clearinghouse Transmittal Contact
  • IRP Electronic Audit Exchange Primary
  • IRP Law Enforcement Contact
  • IRP Motor Carrier Services Contact

Read the definitions of the roles.


Training for IRP Website Coordinators

Detailed instructions about this new role will be available in January. We will also be holding a live webinar on Feb. 4, 2014 at 2 PM Eastern. This webinar will be available subsequently as an archive. If you are a designated as a website coordinator, register for the webinar and sign the confidentiality agreement.


Questions? Contact IRP.

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