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IRP Community Yahoo! Group

If you are an IRP, Inc. jurisdiction or affiliate member, you may participate in the IRP Community.

IRP Community Discussion Results


About the group: This group will discuss issues that are pertinent to IRP and share different procedures and information. It gives the members a way to communicate and interact in a web- and/or email-based forum.

Any issues, questions or information will be open to IRP jurisdictional and affiliate members who are signed up for the IRP Community Group.

Communication Options: You may participate solely via:

  • Email,
  • Web, or
  • A combination of email and web

To Join: Email to join the group. You will receive a "Welcome" message via email once your membership is approved.

As a member, you can post a message to the group by emailing

Note that access to the IRP Community Yahoo! Groups is restricted to IRP, Inc. members only. Become an IRP, Inc. affiliate member.

Questions? Contact IRP Mail.

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