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Amendment to IRP, Inc. Articles of Incorporation

Monday, May 6, 2013  
At the upcoming IRP Annual Meeting scheduled for June 4 – 5, 2013 in Indianapolis, Indiana, the corporate membership of IRP will be asked to approve a technical amendment to the IRP, Inc. Articles of Incorporation, which decreases the size of the IRP, Inc. Board of Directors to 11. 

The proposed amendment: This amendment reflects the change to the number of voting members of the Board as a result of IRP Ballot 378 (Composition of the Board of Directors of the Repository) which was passed by the membership in 2012.  The ballot removed the AAMVA representative as a voting member of the Board.  AAMVA still has a seat on the Board as an advisor to the IRP Board of Directors.

Read the proposed amendment to the Articles of Incorporation.

The voting process:  It is requested that each jurisdictional voting member, or their designated representative by proxy, be prepared to discuss and vote on the proposed ballot amendment at the Annual Meeting on June 5. The voting member, or the designated representative as identified by proxy, will be asked to vote during a roll call vote of IRP corporate members.

Designating a proxy: If you are not able to attend the meeting, voting authority should be given to a person who will be in attendance at the meeting, representing the IRP, Inc. voting member. This person will vote on behalf of the jurisdiction on all matters requiring the vote of jurisdiction members.

To designate a proxy, complete the Voting Proxy Authorization Form and return it by email or fax it to IRP at 703-831-8757.

A note about IRP corporate members: Only jurisdictions which are corporate members may vote on these changes to the Articles of Incorporation. Read more about corporate membership and see the list.

Questions? Contact IRP.

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