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Oregon Withdrawal From Clearinghouse and February 15 Netting

Monday, February 4, 2013  
As you are aware from a previous IRP notice issued on January 23, Oregon will not participate in the Clearinghouse beginning February 1. Oregon will not send January registration data for the netting run on February 15.

As a result, Oregon's status in the Clearinghouse will be changed to 'non-participating'. The change from 'participating' to non-participating' was not anticipated in the original design of the Clearinghouse and therefore we are currently undertaking a development effort to affect this change in order to run netting on February 15.  Phase 1 of the change will not be installed until a few days prior to netting. This change will put all Oregon data in the non-participating area of pre netting screens/reports for the February 15 period. Therefore, jurisdictions should not approve pre netting totals in the Clearinghouse until February 13.

After the February 15 netting is run, an extensive set of tests will be performed over the weekend to validate the netting. As a result, the netting results will be published on Monday February 18. By Tuesday, February 19, jurisdictions should review the netting results to verify their numbers and report any issues. Jurisdiction payments are due on Monday February 25.

Unfortunately, the entire programming change cannot be completed and tested by February 15. This means that although the 'non-participating' status of Oregon will be reflected on the February 15 netting period screens and reports, previous netting period screens/reports may not reflect the 'participating' status of Oregon until Phase 2 of the programming change is complete and installed in the production environment. We will inform jurisdictions when all changes are complete and screens/reports in prior netting periods reflect the appropriate status of Oregon. This may not be completed until the middle of March.

Please contact Robin Murphy, director, Clearinghouse and Information Systems, IRP, Inc. at (703) 963-1286 with any questions or concerns.

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