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Proposed Changes to INCVA Relating to Restricted Plates

Monday, November 18, 2013  
The INCVA Task Force is proposing minor changes to the International Non-apportioned Commercial Vehicle Agreement relating to restricted plates.   

The changes ensure that restricted (number) plates used by motor vehicle sales and services industries, for the purpose of moving a vehicle from one location to another, are more clearly provided for under INCVA.  Examples of this type of use would include a newly manufactured or recently purchased vehicle displaying a "transporter plate” or "dealer plate” to provide for the unregistered vehicle to be driven on a highway for delivery to a dealership or purchaser.  In addition, changes are also proposed to remove redundant language relating to exclusions for restricted plated vehicles.

The proposed changes do not change the scope or intent of INCVA; rather, the changes simply make clear that unregistered vehicles temporarily operated while displaying a restricted plate are afforded the same benefits under INCVA as registered vehicles displaying a restricted plate.  

Absent any objections, the proposed changes will become effective on Dec. 4, 2013 and the revised version will be the official version for jurisdictions to sign onto.   
If you have questions, comments or concerns, please contact Rob Termuende, Chair of the INCVA Task Force, by email or by phone at 250 414-7908.

Jurisdictions are asked to review the Agreement and consider becoming a signatory. INCVA provides full and free reciprocity for commercial vehicles that are not eligible to be registered under IRP and for those that registration under IRP is optional.  INCVA provides clarity and certainty for jurisdiction staff, law enforcement and industry. To date, while many jurisdictions are in the review process, no jurisdiction has officially signed onto INCVA.  Read more about INCVA.

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