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HVUT Filing for the July 2011 to July 2012 Tax Period

Tuesday, June 21, 2011  

IRP received questions about the June 14th IRP Newsline item regarding the Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT). The Internal Revenue Service provided the following information for clarification.

Under current Federal law, all Federal highway excise taxes will expire on September 30, 2011. Congress has not passed a highway re-authorization bill and it is not clear if a bill will be passed prior to the expiration of the current bill. It is likely that Congress will pass a temporary extension of the HVUT prior to its expiration. However, until the IRS has more information, it is delaying issuance of the Form 2290 for the upcoming tax year.

The IRS expects to offer more guidance to States in the next couple of weeks. The potential expiration of the tax on September 30, 2011 has no bearing on taxpayers registering their vehicles in July, August or September 2011, as existing regulations allow the State to accept the Form 2290 Schedule One from the July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011 tax period.

The IRS suggests you direct carriers to for information which includes how to contact the IRS with specific questions.

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