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IRP, Inc.’s New Website, Phone Numbers Available

Tuesday, February 28, 2012  

IRP, Inc.’s New Website

IRP, Inc. has launched its new website, available at!  

The website offers improved navigation and enhanced features to better serve the IRP community and includes changes based on previous member feedback.

Some of the new features include:

  • Jurisdiction pages
  • Online directory
  • Enhanced website search
  • Easier navigation
  • Access to members-only content
  • Group pages to replace SharePoint for IRP Committees, Task Forces, and Board of Directors

A New Website Guide has been set up to detail and provide training on the new features, and to receive member feedback.

Later today, you will receive an email about activating your account. Once you have activated your account and signed in, you will be able to access all sections of the website.

IRP, Inc. will continue to keep members updated and informed about additional features. We are excited to unveil this new website to the IRP community!

New Phone Numbers

IRP, Inc.’s main and staff phone numbers have changed! Please use the following contact information when calling IRP:

Main Line: (703) 963-2326

Tim Adams, Interim Executive Director: (502) 845-0398
Lora Pickard, Membership Assistant: (703) 963-1804
Danielle Polo, Communications Coordinator: (703) 963-2326
Claudia Rizzo: Senior Director, Repository Programs and Education: (703) 963-2442
Robin Murphy: Director, Clearinghouse and Information Systems Management: (703) 963-1286
Ken Carey, Program Manager, Plan Compliance and Education: (703) 963-1604

Please contact Danielle Polo, communications coordinator, with any questions or concerns about these transitions.


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