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Notice of Proposed Bylaws Amendment

Friday, March 16, 2012  

At the 2012 IRP Annual Meeting, held May 16-18 in New Orleans, LA, there will be discussion and a vote on a proposed change to the International Registration Plan, Inc. Bylaws. See the explanation of the proposed change, along with the exact wording of the sections to be amended:

It is requested that each member jurisdictional voting member, or their designated representative by proxy review, be prepared to discuss and vote on this amendment at the Annual Membership Meeting on May 17, 2012. If the IRP, Inc. voting member from your jurisdiction is unable to attend the 2012 IRP Annual Meeting, voting authority should be given to a person who will be in attendance at the meeting representing the IRP, Inc. voting member. This person will vote on behalf of the jurisdiction on all matters requiring the vote of jurisdiction members. Included with this notification is a Voting Proxy Authorization Form.

Please contact Tim Adams, interim executive director, if you have any questions, if any edits are made or if you need additional information:

Tim Adams
Interim Executive Director
IRP, Inc.
Phone: (502) 845-0398
Cell: (502) 706-0196  

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