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Comments on Proposed Ballot: 2017.02 Electronic Image of Cab Card

The following comments were submitted for the proposed ballot - 2017.02 Electronic Image of Cab Card.

 Date  Name



 9/29/17 Dave Burns  Manitoba Supporting. However, operator's must be able to present either electronic or paper cab cards at the demand of a piece officer.
5/18/17 Craig Johnson Pennsylvania Support
 5/9/17 Thomas Henderson Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services Minnesota is generally in agreement with the ballot proposal and the effective date, but would prefer to see a definition included of what is an acceptable format for an electronic image. The definition could include language specifying that the image must be in an unalterable format. As currently written, the ballot question could allow the use a mobile telephone photograph of the cab card which we reasonably believe could be altered.
 5/5/17 Dawn Lietz Nevada Support
 5/4/17 Stacey Hammond Utah Undecided-leaning to support.  However, Utah sees the concerns listed as items for discussion and expect more input from law enforcement. The requirement to accept an electronic image by the issuing jurisdiction may be problematic for Utah law enforcement in “dead zones” – and we do have these areas in Utah.
 4/26/17 Nicholas Freeman C&J Energy Services  I support this ballot! I agree the date of Jan 2020 seems a little cautious and I would like to see it move up as early as possible. We already receive our cab cards in an electronic version and then print each one out to install in vehicle binders. Then once installed in truck binders which get dirty, lost, torn, and wet over the course of the year due to our business environment and working conditions this will help assist officers in reading and confirming our compliance. With the use of ELD and the mobile devices which we use, the industry could easily incorporate the electronic cab card on the driver's device through email if needed.
 4/25/17 Paul Bernander Wisconsin Support
4/21/17 Robert Pitcher American Trucking Association Support. This is clearly a change industry can applaud. The only problem is that the effective date of the amendment, presumably through an overabundance of caution, has been put at January 2020. Since some carriers are already displaying their cab cards electronically, without any problem as far as we’ve ever heard, let’s move that date up by a year!
 4/14/17 Cathy Beedle Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles I sent this ballot to our law enforcement representative and his concern, particularly as it related to the IRP ballot was the ability to scan the bar code effectively. We tested our cab cards by simply displaying a pdf image of a cab card on a cell phone and our scanner could not read it. Our concern with this ballot is that since the burden is on the jurisdiction to accept the electronic image - regardless of how the credential had been issued, this may place additional burden on an already burdened enforcement officer. 
4/13/17 Karen Smith Iowa Department of Transportation Iowa supports this ballot. 
4/10/17 Paul Johnson Washington Department of Licensing We believe this idea is too early and technology is changing. There may be security concerns with adjusting a pdf form.  
4/3/17 Rena Hussey Virginia Department
of Motor Vehicles
Virginia supports the ballot. 
 3/30/17  James Starling  Alabama  Support
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