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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee shall provide a medium within IRP, Inc. for establishing uniform audit procedures for all jurisdictions.

You can contact any member of the Audit Committee if you have comments or questions about audit procedures or IRP's Audit Program.

View the Audit Committee Roster.

Purpose and Authority

The Audit Committee has the responsibility and authority to:

  1. review recommended audit standards and procedures for compliance with the International Registration Plan (Plan) and Audit Procedures Manual (APM);
  2. maintain and periodically update the IRP Audit Reference & Best Practices Guide
  3. propose audit related ballots;
  4. review ballots and offer comments as relevant;
  5. assist jurisdictions with audit matters;
  6. advise IRP, Inc. committees and the board on audit-related issues; and
  7. develop education for IRP auditors, including co-developing the agenda and related materials for the annual IFTA/IRP Audit Workshop.

To learn more about the Audit Committee, read the full Charter.

Audit Program

Read more about IRP’s Audit Program, including the IRP Audit Training Manual and the IRP Records Review Best Practices Document.

Meeting Minutes

Access minutes from past Audit Committee meetings. You must be signed in to view committee meeting minutes.

IRP/IFTA Data Sharing Subcommittee

Read about the IRP/IFTA Data Sharing Subcommittee.

Ballot 371 Audit Rewrite

For information about Ballot 371 Audit Rewrite, visit the Compliance Audit Working Group page.


Audit Committee members - Enter the Audit Committee group page!

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