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Ballot 392 - Inadequate Assessment
  • Webinar Archive. Recorded  April 14, 2014. This session explained the proposed ballot 2014.02 – Inadequate Assessment and discussed unreported jurisdictions in cases of adequate and inadequate records. 

The following comments were submitted for the proposed ballot - Inadequate Assessment.






Dal Ponte

Oregon Department of Transportation

Oregon Audit agrees with the Ballot 2014.02 Inadequate Assessment. We are finding instances where the registrant has very poor records but we can tell that some operations occurred in jurisdictions that were not included on the renewal application. If the registrant had completed the renewal correctly, those jurisdictions would also have received fees from an Inadequate Records assessment. There shouldn't be an incentive to leave jurisdictions off of the renewal application in order to avoid an additional assessment for poor recordkeeping.

4/30/14Marge Noll

Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services IRP Office

A comment to consider when reviewing this proposal. Adding distance will generate registration fees for the unreported jurisdiction reducing the registration fees for all jurisdictions with reported distance. This likely will lower registration fees for all reported jurisdictions. Jurisdictions will gain the assessment fee, the new registration fees and assessment may be less than the original registration fees paid. Discussion is needed on how the distance is determined for the unreported jurisdiction when distance records do not exist. Also may want to consider if there may be additional programming requirements and resources needed for any possible system changes. Recommend that we clarify if this is only applicable after FRP and how to handle before FRP.

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