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The purpose of the IRP Clearinghouse is to facilitate the electronic exchange and reconciliation of registration information and fees among jurisdictions under the International Registration Plan (the Plan).

The Clearinghouse streamlines this information exchange process by enabling IRP jurisdictions to electronically exchange motor carrier and fee information among jurisdictions. In addition, it establishes an electronic remittance netting function with concurrent Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) capability through a central IRP bank. The system tracks all amounts due to/from a base jurisdiction, to/from all foreign jurisdictions and provides reports on the information.

Netting Cycle

Learn more about the monthly Clearinghouse process and monthly netting cycle.

Clearinghouse Training and Resources

Clearinghouse Goals

  • To provide timely and accurate exchange of IRP registration and fee information
  • To provide a secure environment, with appropriate backup and recovery of data
  • To protect motor carrier information exchanged between jurisdictions

Clearinghouse Benefits

  • Funds received in a timely manner
  • Reduced costs of exchanging remittances between jurisdictions
  • Reduced expense of storage, retrieval, and filing of paperwork
  • Reduced errors and delays associated with the inter-jurisdictional exchange of information and fee remittances

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Questions about the IRP Clearinghouse? Contact Robin Murphy. Many general questions are answered on the IRP Clearinghouse FAQ page.

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