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DRC Meeting: Decisions and Updates
Decisions on Interpretation Requests

During the May 2015 IRP Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) meeting held in Savannah, GA, the DRC heard discussion and ruled on the following interpretation requests:

Interpretation Request on Articles III (Applications for Apportioned Registration) and IV (Fees), Sections 315 (Application Process) and 420 (New Fleets)

In March 2015, the Peer Review Committee submitted a Dispute Resolution Submission Form to IRP Inc. requesting Interpretations for Plan Section 315 – Application Process and Section 420 - New Fleets.  

The PRC had requested an interpretation of these sections by the DRC to determine if a bus registrant can use its actual fleet distance previously reported to IFTA for the appropriate reporting period in lieu of the average per vehicle distance.  

Motion and second to confirm that a first time IRP registrant, including bus registrants, shall use accrued actual distance operated during the required reporting period.   
Motion passed.

Interpretation Request by IRP, Inc. for an Interpretation related to private use buses and school buses given the changes to the apportionable vehicle definition on charter buses.

In April 2015, IRP, Inc. submitted a Dispute Resolution Submission Form requesting an Interpretation for the Article II definition of an apportionable vehicle as related to the removal of the charter bus exemption from the Plan.   

IRP Inc. requested the DRC review a list of questions related to various bus operations that have been posed to the Repository for response.  The questions asked were as follows:

If a school district contracts with a bus company to use its vehicles having a combination of 'base bus plates' or 'school bus plates', what should the bus company be prepared to do so they can continue to use these vehicles for out-of-state trips?

(a)    Some school districts have children that attend their schools but live in another jurisdiction, what requirements would the bus contractor need to prepare for when they are required to pick-up and drop-off school students outside of their base jurisdiction?  If the bus company has school bus plates are they required to obtain a trip permit or apportioned plates?

(b)    If a bus company leases school buses to a school district for an event and does not have a contract with the school district (one time school related charter event) is the bus company required to obtain a trip permit or apportioned plates?

(c)    A bus company leases a vehicle with a base bus plate to a school district for a school related activity such as sporting events or field trips. Because the bus is contracted for school related activities would the vehicle be exempt from apportioned registration?

(d)    If the bus company uses school buses for contracted use with a school district using school bus plates and uses the school bus for charter school activities are they required to apportion register the bus for its charter activities?

Motion and second to move that if a bus is plated with a restricted plate and being operated within the provisions of the restriction, IRP registration is not required.  However, if the bus is being used in charter operations anytime during the registration period, the bus would be subject to IRP or trip permit requirements.
Motion passed.


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