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Committee Corner: Education Committee September 18, 2013

The IRP Education Committee has been working on a few different projects of interest to the IRP community:

  • Member Needs Survey: The committee has been analyzing the results from the IRP member needs survey. This survey was intended to help the committee establish priorities for training needs, educational opportunities and other projects. 192 responses were received in May and June 2013. The Committee has compiled a list of topics and is working on next steps and training methods. Watch for an upcoming event that will address a key issue identified in the survey.
  • FAQs: The Education Committee is working on the development of an IRP Frequently Asked Questions resource to assist member jurisdictions and industry with responses to frequently asked questions.  Once completed, the document will be available as a training tool and resource for new IRP jurisdiction staff and on the IRP website for carrier reference. Many possible questions were collected during the roundtable discussions at this year’s IRP Annual Meeting.  The Committee is in the process of determining which questions to include and sorting the questions into categories.  Comments or questions about this project? Contact subcommittee leader Sandra Christenson.

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