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FAQs: Cost

    Apportioned jurisdictional percentages are multiplied by the jurisdictional fee.

    To determine the apportioned percentage of any given jurisdiction, divide the distance per jurisdiction by the total fleet distance. Multiply the apportioned percentage by the respective jurisdiction’s fees to calculate the cost per vehicle.


    Annual Fee
  • Your cost is dependent upon the jurisdictional percentages and fees where apportionment is desired and the number of vehicles in the fleet. A fleet means one or more apportionable vehicles designated by a registrant for distance reporting under the Plan. To obtain an estimate of IRP registration costs, use the IRP Fee Estimator, provided to IRP by Celtic.

  • Apportioned registration is based on several factors, and as a result, the cost varies. All IRP jurisdictions charge annual registration fees according to the weight, and in some instances, other factors such as the age, axles, ad valorem taxes, etc. As each jurisdiction's fees are determined by their legislative branch, a jurisdiction's fees may increase at any time. Another reason for an increase could be a result of a larger percentage of a fleet’s travel into one or more jurisdictions with higher fees.

  • Your fees are determined by the percentage of distance traveled in each jurisdiction. While another motor carrier may operate in the same jurisdictions, they may have different proportionate travel or fewer vehicles in their fleet.

  • Fees fluctuate based on a number of factors determined by a jurisdiction's legislative branch; meaning that each jurisdiction has different fees and they can be increased at any time. An increase in annual fees could also be a result of a larger percentage of the fleet’s travel into one or more jurisdictions with higher fees.

  • Not all jurisdictions accept credit card payments. Check your base jurisdiction's website to inquire whether or not they accept credit card payments.

  • Each year the motor carrier is asked to report the total distance per jurisdiction for a specified July – June period, indicating in which of those jurisdictions where actual distance were accrued. Depending upon your base jurisdiction, there may be additional administrative fees for plates, cab cards, etc.

  • It is dependent upon the motor carrier's operation. If you are going to have many trips into a particular jurisdiction, it would indeed be cheaper to apportion in this jurisdiction. You should check with the jurisdictions that you intend to travel in as many have restrictions on the number of trip permits you are permitted to obtain in a one year time span.

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