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Fee Schedule Change Procedure

To submit changes and updates, jurisdictions must notify IRP of any proposed fee changes regarding apportioned registration at least 120 days prior to the effective date.

See IRP Fee Schedule Change Procedure guidelines for more information.

See an example fee schedule in the correct format.

Overview of the Guidelines

Memo: Per the guidelines, a memo stating the fee schedule change sent to IRP must include:

  • Explanation of fee change
  • Date the fee change becomes available
  • A contact person for questions or concerns
Streamlined format: IRP, Inc. requests all fee schedules to be submitted in the same format:
  • One spreadsheet: Every jurisdiction must combine all current fee schedules into one Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Each different type of fee (bus fees, ad valorem, etc.) should occupy a separate tab within the one Excel spreadsheet. Each tab should be labeled to indicate the name of the fee on the corresponding sheet. Jurisdictions may find utilizing one document simpler when validating and/or ensuring complete, correct information versus multiple files.
  • Calculation example or fee instructions: In addition to the fee schedules, a calculation example or fee instructions should be included in the corresponding fee tab or on a separate tab labeled "calculation example” or "instructions”.
  • Previous and upcoming fee schedules: Previous fee schedules that do not follow this format but have already been submitted do not need to be revised. However, when upcoming fee schedules become effective, please add them to the current fee schedule spreadsheet, thus replacing the fees that are no longer current and send to IRP. When submitting new upcoming fees, please include them in one updated spreadsheet, including all fee schedules in one Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with an effective date. This will prevent you from having to resend the upcoming fee schedule again once it is current.

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