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User Guidelines and Rules for the IRP Forum

When participating in the IRP Forum:

  • Protect confidential information. Your work might give you access to confidential or proprietary information, such as carrier information. Posted information is available for all IRP jurisdiction and industry affiliate members to see. Do not divulge or discuss proprietary information, internal documents, personal details about other people or other confidential material. Comments are subject to libel, slander, privacy protection, and antitrust laws.

  • Be respectful and professional. If you disagree with someone, that is okay; ensure you do not cut down or insult others in doing so. Once the words are out there, you can't get them back. Do not post anything defamatory, abusive, profane, slanderous, threatening, offensive, unethical, or illegal. Forums will flourish only if all members feel welcome. For profile photos, it is recommended that you use a picture that projects a professional image, similar to a photo you might use for LinkedIn.

  • Take responsibility for what you write. Add value to the conversation. Participants acknowledge and accept sole responsibility for the content they post. IRP is not responsible for what is posted. The inclusion of a link within the forum is not an endorsement by IRP of the link. If you post something that is your personal opinion but does not reflect the opinion of your jurisdiction/employer, indicate that in the post.

  • Exercise good judgment. Consider your audience. No commercial messages. No political or religious commentary. Do not post anything that you would not want the world to see.

  • Give credit where credit is due. Respect copyrights and fair use. Make sure you have the right to use something with attribution before you publish and always give people proper credit for their work.  Please obtain written permission from participants before republishing their words elsewhere.

  • Mistakes happen. If you make a mistake, admit it quickly.

  • Stay relevant. Ensure, to the best of your ability, items you post are of interest and relevant to the IRP community. Specify the topic in a subject line so others can easily tell if they should read or respond. For example, the subject line wouldn’t be “Question” or “Help Needed,” but the areas in which the question or help fall.

  • Note: IRP has the right to reproduce postings.

By participating in the IRP Forum, you agree that you have read and will follow these rules and guidelines. IRP does not generally undertake editorial control of postings. However, IRP reserves the right to remove any comments that violate these user guidelines or are otherwise inappropriate and to remove individual participants if needed. IRP reserves the right to change this policy.

See instructions for using the IRP Forum.

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