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Instructions for Using the IRP Forum
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Sign in to the IRP website using your member user name (email address) and password.

Access the Forum
Go to the Forum home page.

Read the posted User Guidelines and Rules.

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Get real-time updates via email about Forum conversations!

To subscribe: Go to the IRP Forum. Click on the top right on "Forum Actions.” Select either:
  • Subscribe to Digest: Receive a weekly digest by email with all of the conversations for that week.
  • Subscribe to Instant Updates: Receive an email every time there is a new topic posted on the forum.

To participate:
  • Read discussions: On the forum home page, you will see a list of topics. Click on the name of the topic to read it.
  • Post a new topic or question: Select New Topic from the menu on the top. Put in a subject line that clearly demonstrates the topic discussed.
  • Reply: Within a particular discussion, select reply from the top right.
  • Receive updates: Within a particular discussion, click on "Thread Actions" on top right and then "Subscribe to Instant Updates."

Update Your Profile and Photo
Your Forum postings will link to your profile. Consider updating your profile and adding a photo. It is recommended that you use a picture that projects a professional image, similar to a photo you might use for LinkedIn.

Add a Signature

To add a signature:
  • Click here and select My Subscriptions & Settings on the top left.
  • Scroll to the bottom to enter something under "Forum Signature.”

Review the User Guidelines and Rules.

Read more about the IRP Forum.

Go to the IRP Forum.
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2/5/2019 » 2/7/2019
IFTA/IRP Audit Workshop

5/7/2019 » 5/9/2019
2019 IRP Annual Meeting