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Fundamentals of IRP / IFTA Auditing Certificate

Fundamentals of IRP / IFTA Auditing Certificate

Gain valuable knowledge about the processes involved in IRP / IFTA auditing! Participate in five webinars created for jurisdiction staff working in IRP / IFTA auditing and earn the Fundamentals of IRP / IFTA Auditing Certificate. The webinars towards this certificate will look at the audit procedures in detail.

Cost: Webinars are complimentary for jurisdiction members of IRP and IFTA. IRP affiliate members also have complimentary access. The registration fee for non-members is $45 per webinar; purchase non-member access. You may also consider your organization becoming an affiliate member.

IFTA members: Log into the IFTA website and access under webinars.

Pre-Audit Planning & Opening Conference

Do you know what IRP and IFTA require? Do you want your opening conference to be effective?

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Evaluation of Internal Controls

This session will enlighten you on the importance of internal controls.

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Understand the steps to take during the sampling process.

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To Project or Not to Project

This presentation will provide you with an understanding of when projection is necessary.

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Report Writing / Closing Conference / Audit File

Requirements for the audit report, the closing conference, and what must be included in the audit file.

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Auditing 101

This webinar does not count towards the certificate, but gives an initial overview of IRP and IFTA auditing basics.
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Verification of Attendance

Fill out this form if you attend the webinar as part of a group.

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Supervisor Resources

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