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International Non-Apportioned Commercial Vehicle Agreement (INCVA)

INCVA provides full and free reciprocity for commercial vehicles that are not eligible to be registered under IRP and for those that registration under IRP is optional. INCVA provides clarity and certainty for jurisdiction staff, law enforcement and industry.
Recent Update

On Dec. 4, 2013, after a period of consultation in which no concerns were raised, minor changes to INCVA were adopted to improve how the Agreement provides for restricted plated vehicles. The Dec. 4, 2013 version of INCVA replaces the May 1, 2013 version.

Please review the December 4, 2013 Agreement and consider becoming a signatory. To date, while many jurisdictions are in the review process, no jurisdiction has officially signed onto INCVA. More information on the benefits of INCVA, including Q&A’s, can be found in the links below.

About the Agreement

The purpose of the International Non-Apportioned Commercial Vehicle Agreement (INCVA) is to provide full and free registration reciprocity for those commercial vehicles that are ineligible for registration under the International Registration Plan (IRP) and for those commercial vehicles for which registration under the IRP is optional. INCVA is intended to replace all prior agreements for these non-apportioned vehicles to provide a single North American agreement for full and free registration reciprocity

This agreement was developed through four years of research and consultations by jurisdictional and industry representatives of the INCVA working group. The working group was established by the International Registration Plan’s Board of Directors.

INCVA is modeled after the IRP and is a companion agreement to the IRP. INCVA incorporates components from existing reciprocity agreements such as the Multistate Agreement (as amended 1962), the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators’ Registration Reciprocity Agreement (1988), and the Canadian Agreement on Vehicle Registration (as amended 2001).

Jurisdictions are encouraged to consider becoming signatories of INCVA. This new Agreement replaces the patchwork of existing allowances for free registration reciprocity into one uniform agreement which would be both readily accessible and binding. As a result, it would bring clarity and certainty for jurisdictional staff, law enforcement and vehicle operators.

To join INCVA, the appropriate jurisdictional representative is required to sign Appendix B of INCVA (Resolution adopting INCVA) and send it to IRP.

For further information about INVCA or if you have any questions, please contact Rob Termuende (BC), Chair INCVA Task Force, 250 414-7908, or rob.termuende@icbc.com.

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