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IRP Orientation Plan

IRP Orientation Plan

The Orientation Plan is a detailed plan for new IRP managers, jurisdictions and industry individuals. The plan is intended to provide members the documentation and resources needed to train key IRP staff.

The Orientation Plan provides information ranging from the history of IRP to a description of a peer review and the audit process. Use of links to external reference materials ensure that the Orientation Plan will continue to be an up-to-date reference guide.


IRP Overview

Access a summary of IRP.

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Leadership Circle

IRP Leadership Circle volunteers welcome and help orient new members to the IRP community.

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Read a chronological synopsis of IRP.

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The Plan

The Plan defines all aspects of IRP registration, collection of fees, transmission of fees, audits, and membership requirements.

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What's "The Plan"? Webinar

This training provides context for our work by reviewing IRP’s history.

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IRP, Inc. offers training resources for both the jurisdiction and industry communities.

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This information is provided to assist motor carriers and jurisdictional personnel to find answers to common questions.

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See the definitions of Reciprocity, Reciprocity Agreement and Reciprocity Distance.Learn More


See the definition of Credentials in the Plan. Samples include Jurisdiction Cab Cards and Restricted Plates.

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Application Forms

The base jurisdiction shall determine the application process and filing deadlines for applications for registration under the Plan.

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Apportion Registration

The Plan promotes and encourages the fullest possible use of
the highway system by authorizing apportioned registration.

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Read sections of the Plan that are associated with fees.

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Base Jurisdiction

Learn the definition and requirements of a base jurisdiction.

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The Clearinghouse provides timely and accurate exchange of IRP registration and fee information.

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The auditing process was established to ensure each jurisdiction receives its correct share of revenue.

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Member Duties and Responsibilities

Read about key duties of the IRP member jurisdictions.

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Peer Review

Section 1355 of The Plan outlines the peer review process for jurisdictions.

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IFTA is an agreement between the states and provinces to simplify the reporting of fuel use tax, much like the IRP was meant to simplify licensing.

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IRP, Inc.

IRP, Inc. serves as the repository of the International Registration Plan, provide for a stronger leadership board to determine the future, and provide direction of the Plan.

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Acronyms and Definitions

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IRP Forum

Ask a question of your IRP colleagues on this message board.

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