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IRP Leadership Circle
Leadership Circle

IRP Leadership Circle volunteers welcome and help orient new members of the IRP community. The IRP Leadership Circle complements and enhances the training new staff receive in their own office, serving as an additional resource.

A key current challenge for many in IRP is turnover and how to train new staff. How do you orient new staff to both their office and to IRP as a whole? Educate them about the IRP Plan and organization? Introduce them to others in the IRP community? The IRP Leadership Circle is an additional resource for these challenges.

The following new staff are able to participate:

  • New IRP managers, supervisors, directors, and other senior-level jurisdiction staff are welcomed by regional jurisdictional representatives.
  • New IRP audit managers are welcomed by jurisdiction audit representatives.
  • New management-level affiliate member representatives are welcomed by industry representatives.

When there is a pertinent new staff member, the IRP, Inc. office will email the contact information to the relevant Leadership Circle representative. The Leadership Circle volunteer will then follow up directly with the individual.

Contact IRP. This pairing will also take place automatically when a new website account is created for a management employee.

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