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Resources for New Jurisdiction Staff on the IRP Website

Orientation Plan: Access a detailed plan for new IRP managers, jurisdictions and industry individuals. The plan is intended to provide members the documentation and resources needed to train key IRP staff. The Orientation Plan provides information ranging from the history of IRP to a description of a peer review and the audit process.

About the International Registration Plan: Read an overview of IRP created for jurisdiction staff and officials new to IRP.

Frequently Asked Questions: Topics include registration cost, record keeping, and IRP registration.

Carrier Training Video: Watch an overview of IRP created for motor carriers.

Jurisdiction Directory: Refer motor carriers to other jurisdictions for questions with contact information and jurisdictional websites from the jurisdiction directory. Look up staff members in other jurisdictions with your member login in the Jurisdiction Staff Directory.

Jurisdiction Data: Access information for all IRP jurisdictions on:

  • Cab Cards
  • Credits/Refunds
  • Cross Border Requirements
  • Fee Schedules
  • Maximum Weights
  • Registration Periods
  • Restricted Plates
  • Trip Permits
  • Wreckers

IRP Education Certificate: Access webinars towards an IRP certificate intended for new jurisdictional staff. The webinar topics are:

  • What’s "The Plan”?
  • Apportioned Vehicles, Forms and Credentials
  • Application and Base Jurisdiction Requirements
  • Introduction to Calculating IRP Fees
  • Member Duties, Opportunities, and Responsibilities
  • IRP Audits 

Fundamentals of IRP / IFTA Auditing Certificate: Participate in five webinars created for jurisdiction staff new to IRP / IFTA auditing:

  • Pre-Audit Planning & Opening Conference
  • Evaluation of Internal Controls
  • Sampling
  • To Project or Not to Project
  • Report Writing / Closing Conference / The Audit File

IRP Forum: This member-only web platform allows for discussion of key IRP issues. Ask a question of more experienced IRP colleagues.

Acronyms and Definitions in the Transportation Industry

IRP Clearinghouse Resources and Training

IRP Leadership Circle: Within this program, volunteers welcome and help orient new management-level staff within the IRP community.

 Thank you to the Education Committee for providing this resource. 

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