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IRP, Inc. Website Guide

Welcome to the IRP, Inc. website!

Listed below are explanations and instructions for using key website features. Included are video tutorials for managing profiles, using the online directory and using group pages.

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Signing in

Profiles - Tutorial Available!

Group Pages - Tutorial Available!

Signing In

If you are employed with an IRP jurisdiction or affiliate member, you will be able to sign in to the IRP website to access the members-only content. Sign in by simply entering your email address (username) and password on the top right to take advantage of all the IRP content. If you do not remember your password, click on "Forgot your password?".

If you are employed with an IRP jurisdiction and do not currently have an account, please contact your jurisdiction's website coordinator. If you are employed by an affiliate member, contact IRP to create your individual IRP, Inc. website account linked to your affiliate member organization.


Once you have accessed an account on the IRP website, you can edit the information available on your profile.

Note: individual member profiles are only visible to other signed-in IRP members.

Managing your Profile: Using the My Profile box on the right of the screen, you can edit and add information to your profile by using the Profile Home and Manage Profile links.

Upload a Profile Picture: To upload a profile photo, click on Profile Home, click on the blank photo box and click on the add photo icon that appears. To change the profile photo, click on Profile Home, hover over the existing photo and select the edit icon on the top left of the photo. It is recommended that you use a picture that projects a professional image, similar to a photo you might use for LinkedIn.

: If you are a member of an IRP committee, task force, or Board of Directors, use the Groups link to access your pages for these groups.

Files & Links: Upload any files or links to your profile. The easy-to-use files & links manager allows you to upload and manage any files you wish to make available on your profile.

Favorites: Are there sections of the IRP website that you visit frequently? Click on the star in the top-right corner of these pages to add them to your Favorites list. Favorites works much like bookmarking, and by clicking on the link in your profile box, you can quickly access the pages you need.

Messages: You can send and receive messages from other IRP members. Use the Messages link to check your inbox, send and manage your messages. You can customize your new message alert options by using Preferences.

Preferences: To set your profile preferences, click on Manage Profile in your My Profile box and select Preferences. By doing this, you can customize your member profile options listed, which include email alert options and profile visibility. Simply checking the box next to a specific preference turns the preference "on."

To learn more about managing your profile, access the Profile tutorial that takes you through each of the profile features.

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Group Pages

Committee, Board of Directors and task force member pages have group pages within the new website. The group pages allow for file uploads and discussion without signing into a separate website, and without the need for frequent password resets.

Only members of a group will have access to their group pages. If you are a member of a group, you can access the pages by clicking on the Groups link in your Profile box on the right, or by going to the committee page. General information about committees, Board of Directors and task forces is available on the Leadership page.

Further training on using group pages is available through the Group Pages tutorial.


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