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Peer Review Committee

This standing committee provides a medium within IRP, Inc. to review each member jurisdiction's administrative procedures and audit program for compliance with the Plan and Audit Procedures Manual.

View the Peer Review Committee roster.

Purpose and Authority

The IRP, Inc. Board of Directors (Board) delegates, under the authority of Sections 1225
and 1355 of the Plan, to the Peer Review Committee the responsibility and authority to:

  1. perform peer reviews of each IRP Member Jurisdiction; and
  2. administer the annual fee test.

For more information about the Peer Review Committee, read the full Charter.

Read more about the Peer Review Program.

Call for Volunteers

See current committee openings and the relevant volunteer form in the call for volunteers.

Meeting Minutes

Access minutes from past Peer Review Committee meetings. You must be signed in to view committee meeting minutes.


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