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Committee Corner:
The Peer Review Committee (PRC) would like to inform the IRP community regarding recent achievements and activities:
  • A new Region II audit member was welcomed to the Committee, Scotty Miller from North Carolina.
  • The committee is still in need of a Region I audit representative.  The PRC is a great way to familiarize your jurisdiction with your fellow members’ audit programs and processes, and make great contacts and career-long friendships.  This position is available now. 
  • The committee met  at the IRP Annual Meeting and worked on modifications to the Compliance Guide due to the passing of the Full Reciprocity ballot, which goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2015.
  • So far in 2014, the following Peer Reviews have been conducted: Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Georgia, and Quebec.
  • During the remainder of this calendar year, reviews will be conducted on the following jurisdictions: Saskatchewan, Indiana, British Columbia, Rhode Island, Manitoba, Arkansas and New Jersey.
  • An interesting fact: one of the top five areas where jurisdictions have traditionally been found out of compliance, improper use of estimated distance, will go away as FRP is implemented. The relevant sections that will no longer be applicable are Section 315 – Application Process and Section 320 – Distance Estimates by Base Jurisdiction.

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