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Committee Corner: Peer Review Committee October 16, 2013
The Peer Review Committee would like to inform the IRP community on the following items:

  • Updated Compliance Guide: During the past year, the committee finalized changes to the Compliance Guide due to the passing of Ballot 371, Audit Rewrite.
  • Committee Openings: Per the current call for volunteers, there will be volunteer openings in 2014 for auditors from Regions I and II.  
  • New Committee Members: The committee welcomed two new members during the past few months: Barbara Owens (CA) and Alton Roane (GA).
  • 2013 Peer Reviews: In 2013, the following peer reviews have been conducted: Delaware, Arizona, Alabama, New Brunswick, Montana, Wisconsin, Prince Edward Island, Washington and North Dakota.  The following will be completed by the end of the year: New York, Nebraska and Louisiana.

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