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as of May 21, 2018:

$1 USD = $1.2835 CAD
$1 CAD = $0.7791 USD

Jurisdiction Reports

Jurisdictions are encouraged to use IRP, Inc.’s Jurisdiction Reports to find jurisdiction-specific information related to the International Registration Plan.

IRP, Inc. relies on jurisdictions to provide updated and correct information.

For questions about submitting updated jurisdiction information, contact IRP Mail

Use the Jurisdiction Directory to access a jurisdiction profile for the following information:

  • Continuous Registration
  • Credits/Refunds
  • IRP Platform
  • Maximum Gross Weight
  • Region
  • Registration Periods
  • Restricted Plates
  • Trip Permits
  • Wreckers

For cab card descriptions and samples, visit the Cab Card page to view the list of jurisdiction cab cards:

For restricted plate reports, visit the Restricted Plates page to view the list of jurisdiction restricted plate reports:

To search for jurisdictions with the same data, use one of the following searches:

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