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Internal Controls Webinar

Internal Controls Webinar

This session will enlighten you on the importance of internal controls. During the presentation you will learn:

  • What IRP and IFTA require
  • The difference between a control and a procedure
  • How internal controls impact the sampling process

Clarification: Internal Controls Required in Report: To ensure there is no misunderstanding when you watch the webinar Q&A, both programs – IRP and IFTA – require that the internal controls be documented in the report, which is discussed in the Report Writing / Closing Conference / Audit File webinar. While any questionnaire, flow chart or narrative used by the jurisdiction should be retained in the audit file, the following items must be in the report:

A summary of the internal controls including:

(1) Reliability of internal controls
(2) Strengths and weaknesses in internal controls
(3) Changes in the Registrant’s accounting procedures during the audit period

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Session Information

  • Length: 59 minutes
  • Recorded: Sept. 11, 2018
  • Speakers: Kelly Heaton (AR) and Lynden Landholm (KS)

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