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Internal Controls Webinar
This session will enlighten you on the importance of internal controls. During the presentation you will learn:
  • What IRP and IFTA require
  • The difference between a control and a procedure
  • How internal controls impact the sampling process

Access the recording.

    Length: 59 minutes
    Date: Sept. 11, 2018
    Speakers: Kelly Heaton (AR) and Lynden Landholm (KS)

Materials and Related Resources:

  • PowerPoint
  • ELD Information: Access a chart indicating what is required for an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) to be IRP and IFTA compliant versus for reporting hours of service.
  • Clarification: Internal Controls Required in Report: To ensure there is no misunderstanding during the webinar Q&A, both programs – IRP and IFTA – require that the internal controls be documented in the report, which will be further discussed in the final webinar in the series.  While any questionnaire, flow chart or narrative used by the jurisdiction should be retained in the audit file, the following items must be in the report:

A summary of the internal controls including:

(1) Reliability of internal controls

(2) Strengths and weaknesses in internal controls

(3) Changes in the Registrant’s accounting procedures during the audit period

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