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Reasons To Attend

By attending this year’s workshop, you will be able to:

  • Work with others in your jurisdiction to detect and investigate fraud.
  • Observe technology currently used by law enforcement and participate in a simulated roadside enforcement encounter during outdoor demonstrations.
  • Prepare yourself for your next IRP or IFTA peer review by hearing about others’ experiences with IRP reviews or learning about the findings and updated processes for IFTA reviews.
  • Ensure data quality in both online and over the counter transactions.
  • Calculate IRP apportioned percentages and fees. Knowing how to calculate fees manually can be crucial for testing fee changes and explaining fees to carriers.
  • Identify and minimize fuel tax evasion schemes.
  • Discuss how IFTA qualified vehicles powered by new and alternative means will be taxed by jurisdictions.
  • Ensure your jurisdiction knows what to do for IRP registration for vehicles under 26,001 pounds.
  • Benefit from best practices when using the IRP Clearinghouse.
  • Utilize IFTA Clearinghouse data during roadside enforcements.
  • Determine the appropriate IFTA license.
  • Network with representatives from US and Canadian jurisdictions, as well as industry stakeholders.
  • Newcomers, attend optional 101s on law enforcement, IFTA, and IRP.
  • Participate in a joint meeting of the IRP and IFTA Industry Advisory Committees.

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