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Jurisdiction Staff Directory Search

Use the directory search below to find specific contacts in a jurisdiction's IRP office.

  • Select a jurisdiction or region from the drop down box.
  • Choose one role by selecting "yes" from the drop down box next to a role name.
    • NOTE: you may only select role at a time (to see all jurisdiction contacts, leave jurisdiction field blank).
    • View IRP's Role Definitions to determine which title to search for.
  • Click "Continue".


Jurisdiction Region

IRP Voting Member

IRP Chief Administrator

IRP Manager

IRP Supervisor

IRP Audit Primary Contact

IRP Clearinghouse Audit Transmittal Contact/Netted Audit

IRP Lead Clearinghouse Contact

IRP Clearinghouse Transmittal Contact

IRP Electronic Audit Exchange Primary

IRP Law Enforcement Contact

IRP Motor Carrier Services Contact

IRP Website Coordinator

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